What is a podfile target, and how to I specify Flutter modules for IOS version?


I have a feeling these two things are related, and so I’m asking them together.

I am trying my darn best to get my Flutter app built for ios, and I’m really close. I have it attempting to build, but it fails, stating all of my packages need to be downloaded.

It seems like the podfile target does this? I honestly can’t tell, and the documentation on Flutter: https://docs.flutter.dev/development/add-to-app/ios/project-setup and CocoaPods doesn’t really specify: https://guides.cocoapods.org/syntax/podfile.html#target

First, what exactly do I put for “MyApp”? Is it the file directory name or what I want my app name to be? I just don’t really understand it.

I could really use the assistance getting these packages imported for IOS and getting this thing running already. The community has been extremely helpful so far, and I am really close here to the finish line.

I have it running great on Android, so I just am wondering what changes between the two.