android – User payouts on an Expo-based platform using ReavenueCat with IAP


More of a logistical question this time…

I am thinking of creating a marketplace app where users can purchase content it’s important to note that this content is only viewable via the app.

When a creator sells a piece of content, I want to be able to make a payout to that creator minus our business cut, lets say 10%.

I’m sure this is much easier with third party providers like Stripe but because the content purchased and consumed is within the app, Google and Apple require that all payments are made through their respective payment provider, which is why I’m using RevenueCat to facilitate the combination of the two providers.

That’s all well and good but my issue now is, how do i make payouts to the creators?

Any help on this would be great, I’m struggling to find a logical & logistical answer to this online.

Thank you