YouTube Users Without Premium Could be Restricted to View in 4K Resolution


YouTube Premium

The Premium subscription option for YouTube first became available in 2018. The premium plan on the video streaming service includes a number of perks for consumers. Its ad-free user interface is the most notable aspect of the YouTube subscription service.

YouTube Premium Plans Perks and Other Details

Watching films and listening to music on YouTube without commercial breaks is possible for users who have a premium subscription. If you don’t have a premium subscription, ads will run in-between videos. The business allegedly is testing ideas for making 4K video playback a premium feature in an effort to get more customers to subscribe to its service.

Currently, non-premium YouTube users can watch video with advertisements at the highest 4K resolution. Non-premium users’ ability to play back videos at a certain resolution will probably soon be limited. Reddit threads claim that YouTube has been testing the playback of 4K videos as a premium option. There has been no official statement on the subject, but users will have to watch YouTube videos in 1440p with commercials or sign up for the ad-free plan if the corporation tries to pass it off as a premium feature.

These days, more and more people are purchasing 4K smart TVs; thus, the Alphabet-owned business may be attempting to get them to subscribe to Youtube Prime. Early in 2022, various sources claimed that YouTube was also experimenting with putting 10 non-skippable commercials before a video began to play. According to reports, the feature was dropped and never made available to the public.

Ad-free videos, picture-in-picture playback, and access to YouTube Premium Music are all included with the current price of Rs 129 a month, Rs 399 for three months, or Rs 1290 for a full year of YouTube Premium. Users can also download videos offline so they can watch them at a later time when a data connection is not available.