typescript – Error when running Nativescript app in iOS – NativeScriptEmbedder is not defined


I have a NativeScript app that worked perfectly until today – no changes were made to it.
When I use “tns run ios” I get the following message and it crashes:

[HMR][01d3e20458c8d03e0989] boot | HMR Enabled – waiting for changes…
***** Fatal JavaScript exception – application has been terminated. *****
NativeScript encountered a fatal error: Uncaught ReferenceError: NativeScriptEmbedder is not defined
get rootController(file: app/webpack:/myCoolApp/node_modules/@nativescript/core/application/index.ios.js:143:0)
at get systemAppearance(file: app/webpack:/myCoolApp/node_modules/@nativescript/core/application/index.ios.js:154:0)
at setRootViewsSystemAppearanceCssClass(file: app/webpack:/myCoolApp/node_modules/@nativescript/core/application/index.ios.js:499:6
at setWindowContent(file: app/webpack:/myCoolApp/node_modules/@nativescript/core/application/index.ios.js:312:0)
at notifyAppStarted(file: app/webpack:/myCoolApp/node_modules/@nativescript/core/application/index.ios.js:211:0)
at didFinishLaunchingWithOptions(file: app/webpack:/myCoolApp/node_modules/@nativescript/core/application/index.ios.js:194:0)
at NotificationObserver.onReceive(file: app/webpack:/myCoolApp/node_modules/@nativescript/core/application/index.ios.js:43:0)
Successfully synced application org.nativescript.myCoolApp on device 03473FDC-0AB6-416A-9AE6-E11C8182BF83.

I tried searching this issue but I can’t find any information about this and nothing I do works.
I tried deleting the “node_modules” and re-installing all modules, I tried deleting the “Platforms” folder to recreate the project, I tried lowering the “@Nativescript/core” version to the previous one – no luck, still the same issue. The app is not running currently.

Did anyone encounter this? Any luck resolving it? Thanks!