The Meraki Dashboard API Continues To Grow


The Meraki Dashboard API is continuing to grow. It’s actually growing so much that it could be difficult to find the resources you are looking for. So, we recently announced new enhancements to the API docs, including improved search, simplified navigation and visibility into all of the Early API Access features.


Search has been enhanced to include more information and display the results on the page. In addition, you can filter the data by prefacing your query with api: or doc:

Meraki API Enhancements


Meraki API Enhancements

New navigation for the General folder

Renamed to Platform and removed the organizations, networks, and devices parent folders.

Meraki API Enhancements

Meraki API Enhancements

Now you can easily see what our engineers are working and get a head start on testing using this new section of the docs. All API endpoints that are new or being updated will appear in this list.

Meraki API Enhancements

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And, please feel free to engage with us on our Meraki Community Page.

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