STL Unveils 5G Cosmos to Help Indian Telcos Fiberise Networks for 5G



Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) has just unveiled 5G cosmos – an optical solution for towers and small cells. This new solution from STL would enable telcos to roll out 5G fast.

As India approaches the much-awaited 5G buildouts, telecom operators need to look at fiberisation with a futuristic lens. India’s fiberisation will increase ~3X to 60 Mn fkm annually. Tower and small cell fiberisation will be big drivers. Tower fiberisation must increase from ~35% to ~80% to provide high-quality 5G services. Additionally, 5G will require up to 4X small cells, backhauled with fibre.

Despite the intent and capital availability, India’s fibre space is constrained by deployment speed and scale. 5G Cosmos is an Atmanirbhar, patented solution that can solve these challenges and connect every tower, small cell and node. It comprises of:

  • 5G optical network topology design – The design will deliver a highly competent network with enhanced scalability, bandwidth, and reduced latency.
  • StellarTM Fibre – This bend-insensitive fibre, apt for congested 5G topology, minimises data loss and ensures speed through seamless splicing.
  • Celesta intelligently bonded ribbon cables– These high-density cables will reduce installation time and optimise project costs.
  • Plug-and-Play optical devices– STL’s Opto-Bolt and Opto-Blaze offer a pre-connectorised, ruggedised Plug-and-play solution, resulting in faster execution and de-skilling of field installations.
  • Automation-led fibre deployment– This technology-led approach offers backhaul fiberisation using robotics and AI-driven field management systems.

Launching 5G Cosmos at IMC 2022, Pankaj Miglani, Director of Supply Chain Management, Bharti Airtel, said: “We are readying our infrastructure for 5G, and fiberisation is a core need. We are happy to see the use cases that 5G Cosmos can solve for telcos and enable us to deliver a great 5G experience to our customers.”

STL’s Managing Director, Ankit Agarwal, remarked, “Indian telecom operators are ready to install fibre-dense networks for 5G. This will need an integrated and futuristic solution. We have built 5G Cosmos to enable fiberisation of macro and small cells at scale and achieve the full potential of 5G. We wish telecom operators the very best for one of the largest 5G rollouts in the world.”