See Google Pixel Watch next to the Apple Watch as well as the back sensors


The Google Pixel Watch design has leaked a few times and even a brief hands-on and unboxing were in order the other day, but now it has been snapped actually worn on someone’s wrist and even scaled next to the smaller, 41mm Apple Watch model.

As you can see from the pictures below, it is more elegant than expected when the initial size leaked out, and the Reddit OP says that Google’s first timepiece is actually quite slim and classy next to the Apple Watch.

As a reminder, we are expecting a Google Pixel Watch with a 1.2″ round OLED display, Samsung Exynos 9110 chipset for wearables with a Cortex-M33 co-processor, and up to 2GB of RAM /32GB storage. 

The Pixel Watch will be running on Google’s latest WearOS 3.5. Heart rate and ECG sensors, as well as SpO2 readings are in store, too, as far as health and fitness monitoring on the Pixel Watch goes.

The leaked box also promises Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS connectivity, while the 300mAh battery would power the Pixel Watch during at least a full day on your wrist. Speaking of wrists, the Pixel Watch box says that you can have it with two types of bands in terms of length. The small band is for slimmer wrists that are 130-175 mm in circumference, while the longer Pixel Watch  band can fit big wrists that range from 165-210 mm.

Reportedly, Google will price the Pixel Watch at the equivalent of between $250-$350, perhaps depending on the specs or size and body material. That is for the Wi-fi only version, while previous leak suggested the Pixel Watch LTE model will start from $399, translating to more than 400 EUR over in Europe now that the dollar reached parity with the common market currency, and then some.
We’d rather wait for the official unveiling tomorrow at Google’s Pixel 7 event before we pass any judgment about the value-for-money ratio of the Pixel Watch relative to the Apple Watch.