SE-Radio Episode 361: Daniel Berg on Istio Service Mesh : Software Engineering Radio


Daniel BergDaniel Berg, who is a distinguished Engineer at IBM cloud unit, talks about Istio service mesh and how it lets developers deploy services into the cloud in a secure, efficient fashion by removing the burden of devops from the core service logic. Host Nishant Suneja begins the show with discussion about the need for a service-mesh-based microservice architecture, which is followed by discussing the Istio project’s design goals. The episode further dives into the key components of Istio service mesh, namely Envoy (sidecar proxy deployed along with each microservice instance), Mixer (which enables envoy proxies to take authorization decisions and report telemetry data), Pilot (which enables proxy instances to perform service discovery and deploy routing/authentication policies on envoy proxies), and finally Citadel (which provides strong service-to-service and end-user authentication with built-in identity and credential management). The show wraps up by comparing Istio against other service meshes, and a sneak-peak into the upcoming features of Istio.


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