Sarcos CEO Kiva Allgood to keynote Field Robotics Engineering Forum


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Kiva Allgood, CEO of Sarcos, will kick off the second day of the 2022 Field Robotics Engineering Forum by discussing how dexterous robots can be used to assist workers in challenging, unstructured environments.

Sarcos acquired Pittsburgh-based RE2 Robotics in March 2022 for $100M. RE2 has a product line of remotely teleoperated robotics solutions, including underwater ROVs and terrestrial, dual-arm robotics solutions. Combined with the “classic” Sarcos exoskeletons, the combined company has a unique portfolio of field robotics solutions.

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I visited the Sarcos Salt City headquarters in May 2022 for a media briefing event. At the event, I had the opportunity to operate the RE2 teleoperated arm and get a feel for how the Sarcos exoskeleton functions. Sarcos is in the early prototype phase of development for its next generation of exoskeletons. A lighter weight and more functional version of their existing Guardian XO, it also promises to be able to walk autonomously, without a human “driver” wearing it.

sarcos exoskeleton

Sarcos designs and manufactures exoskeletons. | Credit: Sarcos

This keynote will be one of the highlights of the 2022 Field Robotics Engineering Forum, as Allgood will discuss advanced robotics, such as dexterous teleoperated and autonomous mobile robotic systems, and how these systems will revolutionize the way work is accomplished in complex, unstructured settings such as outdoor and subsea applications. She will discuss her vision of the future of these types of robotic systems, including how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and supervised autonomy will play a significant role.


She will also share real-world examples and use cases of how advanced robotics systems can improve work across many different industries, such as construction, aviation, solar, maritime/subsea, power utilities, and nondestructive testing.