Reliance Jio 5G Tariffs Might Not be Announced for Some Time


Jio 5G

Reliance Jio has announced its 5G network services in India. Jio’s 5G networks will be available in India starting today. It would bring a very natural question to the minds of the customers. What will be the cost of Jio’s 5G plans? Well, it looks like Jio’s 5G plans won’t be revealed right now. I am on the lookout for these plans, and thus when they are available, you will be the first to know. But for now, it doesn’t look like Jio will offer commercial 5G plans. This is because Jio is currently in the beta testing phase. The users who will be offered 5G today will be beta testers.

These users will be offered Jio’s 5G network services for free. There would be no cap on data usage. All Jio would look for is customer feedback from this beta trial. This is how the company also started its 4G network services. Since this is a beta trial and the company is selecting users on its own in four cities of India (Varanasi, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata), there’s no reason why it would launch 5G plans. But, Akash Ambani, Chairman of Jio Platforms Limited, had recently hinted about the 5G tariffs of Jio.

Jio 5G Tariffs will be Affordable

One thing that Reliance Jio always wants to do is keep things affordable for consumers. Jio’s 5G tariffs are going to be affordable, as per a comment from Jio’s Chairman to ANI. Jio will look to bring 5G to the masses by keeping the services as pocket friendly as possible. Initially, there’s no scope for higher 5G tariffs either. The uptake would just die down, and it wouldn’t be good for the company or the consumers. However, it would be interesting to see if Jio is also offering 5G to enterprises in the beta phase.