Reimagine Applications with Full Stack Observability


Each year on the first Tuesday in October, CX Day is celebrated by the Cisco Customer Experience (CX) community in honor of professionals and organizations who make great customer experiences possible. It’s also a time when I can reflect on the journey that I’ve taken with countless amazing colleagues over the last 20+ years to help shape the CX legacy of being an organization that makes a difference in the lives of people and businesses around the world. And as a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)™, I’m proud to be part of a group that amplifies the voice of the customer and helps them achieve their most desired business outcomes.

It’s CX Week at Cisco. To acknowledge a critical role in the customer journey to a cloud-first world, we’re Reimagining Applications with Full-Stack Observability (FSO) to help our customers deliver the best end-user experience. With 85 percent of organizations adopting a cloud-first principle by 20251 and 89 percent of CIOs agreeing that consistent application performance is key,2 having a seamless digital experience is vital for a superior customer experience. Businesses must transform digitally and reimagine how they design, develop, and deploy their applications. And with no room for failure—a bad experience is expensive, and downtime is catastrophic.

To bridge the gap between IT and the business, FSO solutions can help optimize and bring the customer experience into focus.

Why do businesses need full-stack observability?

An app-based customer experience is key to a business’s success. Employees and customers not only rely on but expect seamless digital experiences. And for the IT teams who support them, it can be extremely difficult to understand when and how an issue is adversely affecting the user experience and the business.

With full-stack observability, traditionally siloed teams like NetOps, SecOps, and AppOps can work together and understand an application’s behavior, performance, and health through a single pane of glass where they can view all its components, dependencies, and performance metrics. By leveraging this shared context, finger-pointing is eliminated, and decision makers can then prioritize what matters most—consistently delivering flawless digital experiences to customers and employees.

And at Cisco, we’re positioned to lead our customers into the digital, cloud-first world of modern applications by supporting your digital transformation. Our extensive domain expertise across the full technology stack enables enterprises to deliver unmatched digital experiences through industry-leading solutions that arm you with actionable insights based on deep business context.

So, where do you start?

Having the right tools alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the results you want from FSO. You need the expertise to build, design, and deploy FSO to optimize the value of your investment.

To help organizations achieve full-stack observability, Cisco CX has built its FSO strategy around use cases that cover performance, optimization, and security. Depending on where you are in your journey, these use cases offer flexibility for incremental adoption of Cisco FSO tools to activate them to their fullest potential as your business evolves.

Services are available for five use cases today:

    • Hybrid Application Monitoring services connect the user experience to business results by monitoring traditional and hybrid applications.
    • Hybrid Cost Optimization services lower costs by better matching user experience requirements with cloud and on-premises infrastructure use.
    • Customer Digital Experience Monitoring services provide end-to-end insights into your application infrastructure ecosystem to drive faster mean time to resolve.
    • Application Dependency Monitoring services assure the performance of your managed and unmanaged (third-party) application services and APIs, including their Internet and cloud network performance.
    • Application Resource Optimization services improve and assure applications performance by providing visibility and insights into resource allocations.

To take a closer look into full-stack observability and why it’s gaining traction, and to watch the webinar “Accelerating the Journey to Full-Stack Observability,” join CX on Tour, a virtual, on-demand event that takes you behind the scenes with distinguished engineers, subject matter experts, and IT executives from Cisco Customer Experience (CX) and our partner organizations. This virtual customer event gives you access to roundtable videos, webinars, blogs, and more.

Reimagine applications with Cisco CX services

In today’s constantly connected world, the digital experience never sleeps. Cisco CX services provide ongoing expertise to help you unleash the power of FSO while also accelerating your ability to deliver exceptional digital experiences, optimize for cost and performance, and maximize digital business revenue.

Our experts, powered by digital intelligence, look forward to working with you to confidently gain the agility you need to quickly resolve and prevent application experience issues.

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