Pune Gets a New Private 5G Facility from Tata Communications



In order to speed up Industry 4.0 applications and capabilities for businesses, Tata Communications, a global digital ecosystem facilitator, on Thursday opened a dedicated Private 5G Global Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Pune, India. This new Center of Excellence is an indoor, secure testing ground for business use cases. Tata Communications has created use cases for the manufacturing, logistics, airports, seaports, automotive, metals and mining, and healthcare industries. The Company will be in a good position to empower and assist multinational corporations in advancing smoothly into the hyperconnected world.

More About the Private 5G Trials

Tata Communications will be able to show off private 5G use cases like automated quality inspection of equipment using video and image analytics, inventory management and asset tracking, warehouse theft detection, AR/VR-based remote worker collaboration, and video-powered retail purchase, to name a few. The Company is taking strict precautions, such as interoperability tests to see whether the Company’s private network is compatible with various devices and strict monitoring and testing to guarantee reliable connectivity throughout the test period at the CoE.

In “5G the 5M way,” Tata Communications explains how it sees the 5G future focusing on automating the interaction between Man-Machine-Material-Method-Market to create a comprehensive ecosystem. Through secure and digital experiences, this ecosystem will help businesses reach their objectives, open up new revenue streams and business models, and be able to target new audiences.

Furthermore, Tata Communications already has two Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in Delhi and Mumbai, India, where they are working on designing, constructing, and showcasing a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) application cases. Here, the company has successfully demonstrated a number of use cases, including linked workers, smart water, gas, and energy metres, asset tracking, temperature and humidity sensors, smart streetlights, and so forth. Tata Communications is on a mission to provide end-to-end connected solutions that will enable digital organisations across industries and smart cities.