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Digital engagements are at an all-time high, with more than 5.25 billion active Internet users around the globe and growing.1 To meet demands and fuel growth, 65 percent of organizations are changing many facets of their business.2 I regularly hear from CIOs and IT professionals about the dilemmas they face while trying to simultaneously drive innovation, streamline their business operations, and create exceptional customer experiences as part of the transformation process.

Additional complications stem from digital demands outpacing IT resources and expertise across every type of industry and geography. At Cisco, we are well aware of this difficult scenario. And we are out in front of it, ready and prepared to help you navigate through these challenges. Our teams are uniquely positioned with technology insights coupled with deep expertise across a broad base of domains to accelerate your journey, so you can achieve the business outcomes you want and need.

Human + digital intelligence = proactive, predictive, preemptive insights

Cisco brings you a simplified, interactive experience that starts with the human expertise for which we and our partners are well known. Our customers often tell me about the many ways they leverage our digital offers, but the conversation always comes quickly back to the great benefits of the human expertise we provide.

This human expertise is the foundation of Cisco’s digital intelligence, which is based on 35+ years of hardware and software support case history and product data fed by telemetry from over three million devices to identify proprietary insights. We add automation, combining our insights with AI and machine learning to deliver proactive, predictive, and preemptive insights that are unique to Cisco. All these capabilities are available to customers through Cisco Business Critical Services or as add-ons to Cisco Success Tracks.

New Scrum Services

Within Business Critical Services, we offer a broad range of what we refer to as Scrum Services. These services help you create your own adaptive workforce by coupling Cisco analytics and automation with our industry-leading expertise. With Scrum Services, our experts are equipped with predefined, data-driven approaches that accelerate meaningful outcomes. Our deep expertise has enabled us to create Solution Briefs for more than 30 IT scenarios, or use cases, in the Scrum Services portfolio. These scenarios provide context and insights into how you can leverage the power of Cisco scrum teams to support your IT teams.

Today, we’re introducing three additional Scrum Services to complement Business Critical Services subscription tiers: Managed Insights, Automated Incident and Assurance, and Automated Change and Assurance.

Managed Insights delivers service assurance through end-to-end visibility, preemptive actionable insights, prioritized alerts based on business impact, comprehensive problem isolation, and accountability management. Expert-led response and remediation guidance with access to specialized Cisco expertise ensures exceptional end-user experiences. I see an additional opportunity for our customers to supplement Managed Insights with Continuous Automation and Integration Testing (CAIT) Scrum Services for even more proactive issue identification and resolution.

Automated Change and Assurance gives teams the ability to leverage industry-leading governance and automation to accelerate successful change implementation and validation to reduce risk and optimize adoption. This service includes a catalog with pre-validated changes, automated change window access and authorization, change governance approval management and tracking, and network health reporting pre- and post-change—all ensuring business continuity. This is an incredibly powerful set of automation and orchestration applications utilized by our experts in these same skill areas.

Automated Incident and Assurance optimizes operational IT outcomes and reduces risk by automating the incident management lifecycle, thereby accelerating incident resolution. We do this through automated fault detection, incident creation, categorization, correlation, and prioritization. Automated notification and response with recommended actions is a key component of this scrum. Depending on the scope of the incident, you also have the assurance of our industry-leading Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and highly skilled engineers to expedite resolution.

To learn more about Cisco innovation, I invite you to join CX on Tour, a virtual, on-demand event for our customers and partners. During this customer event, you get to go behind the scenes with distinguished engineers, subject matter experts, and IT executives from Cisco Customer Experience (CX) and our partner organizations. You’ll also have access to roundtable videos, webinars, blogs, and more. Join us!


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2 Gartner Group, Mid-2020 Gartner CEO Update, Senior Business Executive Survey