OnePlus 10R Gets OxygenOS 13 Open Beta


OnePlus 10R

OnePlus has officially unveiled the OxygenOS 13 open beta program for the OnePlus 10R, which is based on Android 13. The OxygenOS 13 open beta releases have already been made available by the company for the OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 9 Pro, and OnePlus 9.

Users must be running Oxygen OS 12 version A.07/A.08 for the OnePlus 10R and A.06/A.07/A.08 for the OnePlus 10R Endurance Edition, according to the official community post. The process is rather straightforward if you want to take part in the open beta. The Open Beta firmware for each device must be downloaded by users and saved to the phone’s storage. They must then activate developer mode by heading to Settings -> About device -> Version -> Developer mode. 7 times should be clicked.

Users who have developer mode enabled can go to Settings -> About device -> Up to date -> Developer mode. Locally install by selecting the top right button. Choosing the proper installation package To upgrade their device to Android 13, use Extract -> Upgrade.

OnePlus 10R OxygenOS 13 Open Beta changelog

Aquamorphic Design

1. Colors from the Aquamorphic Design theme are added for more comfortable viewing.

2. Uses the principles of Aquamorphic Design to create realistic and colourful animations.

3. Addition of a clock with a shadow-reflective face whose shadow mimics the position of the sun and moon.

4. Adds a globe clock widget to the Home screen to display the time in various time zones.

5. The addition of the new behaviour detection capability in Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, which recognises complicated gestures and offers optimum interactions.

6. UI layer optimisation for a cleaner and crisper visual experience.

7. Adding bodily movements from real life to animations to give them a more organic and intuitive appearance.

8. Improves the widget’s layout to make it simpler and faster to find information.

9. Improves the readability of fonts.


1. Controls media playback and enhances the Quick Settings interface.

2. More markup tools are included for modifying screenshots.

3. Improves information display by introducing support for adding widgets to the Home screen.

4. Sidebar Toolbox is added. To make a programme run more smoothly, you can open a floating window inside of it.

5. Improves Shelf. The default action when swiping downward on the Home screen is to open Shelf.

6. You may do content searches on your smartphone and online.

Personalisation, Security and Digital Well-Being

1. Increases the number of Always-On Display animations available with Bitmoji.

2. Enhances Insight Always-On Display and offers more individualised Always-On Display options.

3. For improved protection of private files, all files are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

4. Reminders for sitting posture, ambient light, and distance from the phone have been added in Kid Space.

5. Enhances Eye Comfort in Kid Space to safeguard kids’ vision.