New business plans, MFA tools, and more


Dashlane has updated its suite of enterprise plans to offer stronger security tools for IT admins and launched Dashlane Starter – a tool geared toward teams with up to 10 individuals. Starter takes the friction out of getting started by packing Dashlane’s password management tools into a flexible, no-commitment plan that only costs $20 per month.

Whether you’re a small business, a rapidly scaling startup, or a global organization with thousands of employees, no business should operate without basic access security,” says JD Sherman, CEO at Dashlane.” He adds, “we see it in the headlines every day — weak or compromised passwords are to blame for the most common and damaging breaches to companies. Deploying a password manager is a low-stakes investment for a high-stakes problem, and we’re committed to serving as that first line of defense for all organizations, no matter the size.

Visibility into risks across an entire organization

Real-time Dark Web Insights allow admins to see how many of their users’ passwords have been compromised and by what percentage. Dashlane continuously scans 20 billion records attached to hacks or breaches – with a million new records added each day – to ensure no threat goes undetected.

Dashlane’s Dark Web Insights feature gives admins the ability to scan their entire organization for breaches and is not limited to those using the app – breached employees can be invited to instantly begin using Dashlane through built-in seat provisioning. When admins pair the alert function with the ability to generate new, random, and unique passwords through the app, they can take action seamlessly once alerted about compromised credentials.

It is really useful to always know if and when your employees have experienced a breach,” says Dashlane customer Heather Hankins, Security Specialist at the National Educational Telecommunications Association, a professional services organization with approximately 50 employees. “That way, when you help them deal with [a breach], you’re also training them, and giving them valuable security advice to help prevent this in the future.

2FA across the entire company

The standalone Dashlane Authenticator app is now available for download on iOS and Android devices. This new addition to the app enables users to add multifactor authentication (MFA) quickly and easily, enhancing their account security significantly.

The Authenticator app provides an extra layer of security for any 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) accounts that you have, working seamlessly alongside the Dashlane Password Manager. The Dashlane Authenticator App makes it easy to set up two-factor authentication for items in your vault and securely share those passwords with coworkers.

Dashlane offers live phone support 

The company’s rollout of live phone support addresses a common admin pain point. Business plan users can now request and book a call directly with Dashlane’s support team, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. EST.

In the coming months, enterprise customers will receive software updates that enable them to create accounts faster for employees, track changes made by those employees, and delete them en masse.

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