Motivosity can make quiet quitting a thing of the past


Quiet quitting is officially in the air. After being featured in a Wall Street Journal story last month, almost everyone is up to speed on what the quiet quitting idea is all about. For those not in the know, it’s when an employee stops taking on extraordinary projects or responsibilities at work and sticks only to what’s in their job description.

In fact, more than 50% of you appear to be quiet quitting right now, according to a Gallup survey. Motivosity gets it — and they want to change all that.

End quiet quitting with Motivosity

At the heart of the quiet quitting movement is the feeling that your extra efforts are expected by your workplace — but not appreciated. Motivosity is a cross-disciplinary employee-engagement platform that works to correct that imbalance. It offers companies the chance to meaningfully interact with workers to boost employee satisfaction and ultimately create a happier, more productive workplace.

For those who feel unheard and unseen at work, Motivosity can be a bright shining spotlight to help turn that feeling in a positive direction. With a full suite of engagement tools, Motivosity reports that companies that embrace its new outreach programs experience more than a 50% lift in employee satisfaction.

And it isn’t hard to see why, since Motivosity’s features attempt to address the problem from several different angles.

Ways to make employees happy — and keep them that way

For workers who tend to disappear into their work, the Connect feature lets each employee create their own social media-style page, complete with pictures, interests and personalization. In addition, built-in communication channels make it easy for co-workers to connect over their shared interests and create tighter bonds to promote a more fulfilling office environment. They can even take that recognition one step further with avenues to praise co-workers for a job well done, including gift cards to major retailers.

For employees who feel their boss doesn’t understand their responsibilities, the Lead function builds the dialogue between worker and manager. With regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings centered on shared agendas, materials and goals, this feature offers an easy way to build meaningful back-and-forth between a leader and his or her team.

And for those who feel like their company never listens to them, the Listen features flips that script. With a host of easily deployed surveys and performance metrics, employees can instantly tell management exactly how they feel about company direction, goals, morale and more. With data-centric reporting, company leaders can see in stark detail exactly what workers think so they can repair trouble spots.

Good for employee morale, good for business

“I love the ability to give my co-workers a little bonus for doing a good job or going out of their way to help me,” wrote Steven in his five-star Motivosity review on G2. “Everyone needs to know they are appreciated, and giving and receiving Motivosity bucks is a morale booster every time. We have quarterly awards and weekly 1:1s that are all made easier through Motivosity.”

Businesses looking to change their office culture can try Motivosity and its full range of employee-engagement tools right now at no cost with a free demo.

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