Keep your business totally secure with this decentralized VPN


The pocket-sized Deeper Connect Pico can help you tap into a worldwide security network.

Image: StackCommerce

When you are working with important data, security is paramount. The last thing you want is someone hacking your connections because you hooked up to hotel Wi-Fi. The Deeper Connect Pico is designed to put those fears to rest.

This pocket-size device is small enough to take anywhere, and it provides VPN protection through a decentralized network. In our special Deal Days sale, you can currently buy the Pico for only $199.99 with a Wi-Fi adapter thrown in: That’s 19% off the regular price.

Most cybersecurity experts recommend using a VPN to protect your privacy. Normally Typically, that means paying a service provider for protection. But many of these companies actually farm your data.

The Deeper Connect Pico provides a much more secure solution. These devices form a worldwide chain of tiny servers, each working to protect the data of users. It requires zero setup, and no company can ever get ahold of your precious data.

You might think that crowdsourced protection would be a downgrade, but the Pico actually offers some great features: multi-routing, smart routing and unrestricted access to nodes around the world. The device can also block unwanted ads, provide powerful parental controls and even help you mine Bitcoin. Just as importantly, it’s small enough to take anywhere at just 0.11lbs. That means you never have to be without protection.

Order today for only $199.99 to get your hands on this brilliant device, now at 19% off MSRP for a very limited time! You can find more deals like this on our Deal Days sale page — but be quick, the event ends on Oct. 12, 2022.

Prices and availability are subject to change.