ios – Siri Tasks and Notes intents handlers are ignored in favor of Reminders and Notes apps


I am adding siri support to a to do list app. I’ve done everything as in this documentation using the standard lists & notes intents. However, no matter what I ask siri, it always uses the Reminders or Notes app. Examples:

  • Create task buy groceries in MY APP – siri his creates new reminder in iOS Reminders “Buy groceries in MY APP” or just “Buy groceries”.
  • Create new note in MY APP call my mom – siri creates a new note in Notes app “call my mom”

Expected result – Siri hands of these requests to my app since I specifically ask for my app.

Meanwhile, I’ve tested other intents, like Request Payment intent, and it is handed to my app properly. I am assuming because there are no standard apps that handle requesting payments.

How do I force Siri to use my app, especially when the request specifically asks for my app?