ios – React Native Expo Cannot save pdf through Share after meeting and filling in TestFlight


I used to be updating my iOS app and bumped into an issue – all the pieces works by Expo GO (the pdf era operate printToFileAsync of the expo-print package deal and downloading through Share from react-native) However after creating the construct and filling in TestFlight, the operate stops working (the Sharing window simply does not open) By itself, Sharing works in the event you take away the uri poured into it, however as quickly as I move both the url or the base64 hyperlink there, it stops engaged on the construct (

For those who move base64 on to the Share url, it does not work both

let generatePdf = async() => {
  const file = await printToFileAsync({
    html: `
    base64: true

  let shareOptionsUrl = {
    url: `information:software/pdf;base64,${file.base64}`

  await Share.share(shareOptionsUrl);


Pdf creation and saving operate in my iOS app
Thanks prematurely on your assist :3

I attempted to move an empty Share with just one message – it really works within the construct

For those who move the base64 code on to the share url, it doesn’t work within the construct, it’s going to work in expo go

For those who move the uri after pdf era , it doesn’t work within the construct , in expo go it really works