ios – Is there an easy way to add a manual or instructions to a SwiftUI application?


I am writing an application for iPhones (may also work on tablets). I would like to include a manual, or some instructions with the application. It would be nice to add tooltips (though how do you ‘hover’ on a touchscreen?), but I also need some document that says what the whole thing is about.

This app is going to be free. I am the only person working on it. I cannot afford much time to make a nice, integrated job of this for the first pass.

The app’s main screen is a SwiftUI TabView. I envisage adding an extra tab with a book symbol, called ‘Manual’ or ‘Guide’. If this Tab gave (say) an EPUB browser, I could write the document in (say) OfficeLibre and attach it to the project.

Have you done this sort of thing yourself? Or seen it done well?