ios – How do I paste to a string in python using the app Pyto?


My girlfriend reads a lot and mentioned that she comes across books that are in different languages. I want to write a script using the app Pyto, this allows the use of Iphone’s shortcuts and will make the process mostly automated for her. I was using pyperclip on my windows pc and it worked fine but it does not work when ran on my Iphone. Is there a way to paste using an Iphone like on windows?


import pyperclip as pc
from langdetect import detect
import pandas as pd
from deep_translator import GoogleTranslator as gt

# this is the problem \/
str1 = pc.paste()
str3 = ""

n = 4999
x = 0
l = detect(str1)

out = [(str1[i:i + n]) for i in range(0, len(str1), n)]

for y in out:
    str2 = gt(source="auto", target="en").translate(out[x])
    str3 = str3 + str2
    x += 1

# this is the problem \/

I tried clipboard but got this error when trying to install on the app – “ERROR: No .egg-info directory found in tmp/pip-pip-egg-info-kt94jnak”