ios – Cannot install Cocoapods on M1 Chip



I am working on a Mac, M1 chip. I was working in React Native, when something happened with my system’s configurations while trying to get the Android Build to work. No npm, npx, (any node commands really) worked, I couldn’t do anything with my Pods, and essentially just everything was broken. I deleted and uninstalled everything to do with Node, Java, and Cocoapods but the issue I’m facing now is that I cannot install CocoaPods

I am following the directions from here and I am on my third try to just start a new React App. The Project will build, but I cannot install any pods and the whole app seems to not know that its supposed to be running off React as it won’t let me use imported components.

So I have a plethora of issues in front of me, but the biggest is my inability to install CocoaPods.

I run…

brew install CocoaPods

and get the following return…

Warning: cocoapods 1.11.3 is already installed and up-to-date.

But upon running npx react-native init I get the following error…

error Error: Failed to install CocoaPods dependencies for iOS project, which is required by this template.

So I tried as I was instructed, and attempted to run…

sudo arch -x86_64 gem install ffi

Which gives me this…

make install failed, exit code 2

And since that fails, I cannot successfully run…

arch -x86_64 pod install

So it looks like my code is breaking before I can even type a single line. I’ve been trying to just create a new React Project for hours now… this seems very overly complicated