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Paris, France: Notre Dame de Paris on April 17, 2019 after the fire

The over 800-year-old Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France, encountered a travesty when a fire erupted during some restorative efforts in April of 2019, taking down the historic roofing and spire. Even while local fire departments worked to control the fire, hundreds of people pulled together to remove irreplaceable artwork, documents, and artifacts. The days afterward, others came together to donate funds to begin reconstruction efforts before it was even approved by the National Commission for Heritage and Architecture (CNPA). As of today, plans to reconstruct what was damaged are in place and should be complete by 2024.

“To restore a building is not to preserve it, to repair, or rebuild it; it is to reinstate it in a condition of completeness which could never have existed at any given time.”
– Eugène Viollet-Le-Duc, French Architecture and Author

At DistiNEXT we heard from leadership about the ways we are leveling up Cisco Distribution this fiscal year to its condition of completeness. Like Mr. Viollet-Le-Duc said, we must plan and construct our strategies based on what we know, who we are building solutions for, and our united teams in the here and now.


Cisco Distribution is the foundation for 2T growth, especially when work is done to establish their plans around key architectures, like Security, and to simplify their programmatic efforts with software. Distributors have unique capabilities to help 2-tier partners with managing software renewals, gaining new certifications and specializations, and increasing trust through joint planning and sales accelerations motions.

Simplification & Digitization

While process simplification may still be a work in progress, I have seen our program and operations teams make significant strides to help you and your partners work toward simplification. This would allow us to take our hands off the business and let you do what you do best, sell Cisco!

Small & Medium Business

As I mentioned in my last blog, Extraordinary Neighbors, we know the need for managed service partners is growing exponentially as more small and medium-sized businesses need the support of IT experts outside of their organization. Cisco distributors and partners have the skills necessary to help these customers do more than run their business. Your partners also have access to the Radius demand generation program, which enables your partners to run full-service marketing campaigns with the support of a marketing expert.


Our ability to scale means we are optimizing on our Enterprise Agreements (EAs). This selling option helps organizations more easily manage software across the entire lifecycle so they can respond to nonstop change, keep solutions up to date, and see the full value of investments. And, now with AppDynamics solutions, Cisco can offer software to support specific customer services.

Expanding Reconstruction

There has never been a better moment to come together to strengthen our partnerships, both us with you, our Distributors, and you with your 2-tier partners. We have the right tools at this moment to build upon our commitments to a condition completeness which never has existed before. I look forward to hearing from you about what you learned and what you are looking forward to this year as we meet in the coming months.



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