Google’s new Gboard keyboard doubles as a stick for various purposes


What you need to know

  • Google has introduced a physical Gboard keyboard in Japan.
  • The Gboard Bar is a long strip of keys arranged in a single row.
  • Google doesn’t plan to release the keyboard to consumers, but a suite of drawings, circuit diagrams, and firmware for making one is available on GitHub.

Google wants you to own a version of Gboard that you can actually hold, so the company unveiled the Gboard Bar in Japan with a unique design that takes a whole new approach to physical keyboards.

The Gboard Bar’s design is unlike any of the best ergonomic keyboards money can buy, but it promises to make it easier to find the characters you want to type thanks to its single-row arrangement. According to Google (opens in new tab), modern keyboard designs make that process difficult because the keys are arranged on a flat surface, forcing you to look in two directions: up and down as well as left and right.