Google can now automatically create your ad assets


A new setting in beta allows Google the ability to automatically create additional ad assets (header and description). The feature uses the creative content from the following sources:

  • Landing page
  • Relevant web pages
  • Existing text ads in the same ad group
  • Keywords in the same ad group

How auto-created assets work. If you have access to this new feature, you’ll instruct Google to generate the assets from eligible sources based on relevance and predicted performance.

These assets can take the form of entire sentences, phrases, or paraphrasing while retaining the original meaning. The generated assets are added to the pool of eligible assets for your responsive search ad (RSA). When your ad is eligible to serve for a query, the system will look at the pool of eligible assets (both advertiser provided and automatically created) and select the assets that are predicted to perform best.

Performance reports. Advertisers can view the performance of their automatically-created assets by navigating to the reporting section of their ads account.

Asset Report. You can see which assets are being used in the RSAs by navigating to “Asset report” from the Ad level to “View asset details” and viewing all of the assets used.

  • You can use the “source” column to distinguish between automatically created assets vs advertiser-created assets
  • Automatically created assets will show impressions and performance ratings
  • On the channel-level asset report, auto-created assets are visible like advertiser-provided assets

Combination report. The actual combinations and ads that are served can be viewed by going to “combination report” and viewing all the ads that are served.

Opt-out. You can choose to opt-out of automatically generated assets by going into your Google Ads account, navigating to Settings, then clicking Automatically created assets, then selecting Off: Use only assets I provide directly for my ads.

Dig deeper. Learn more about automatically generated assets by reading the Google help documentation.

Why we care. As with any new feature, test, test, test. If you have access to the beta and are interested in using automatically-generated assets, make sure that option is checked in your account. Monitor the ads and performance closely. If you have access to the beta and are not interested in using automatically generated assets, be sure to opt-out.

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