Get your own Downloads Folder in the Cloud for $39


The TransferCloud service is a lifesaver when your hard drive is full.

Person looking up at an image representing cloud computing technology.
Image: phonlamaiphoto/Adobe Stock

There are times in life when you really need a particular document, but you can only access it by downloading the entire folder. Unless you can find enough storage space for the whole package, you’re not getting the file. The solution? TransferCloud.

This ingenious service works like a personal downloads folder in the cloud. Instead of pulling files onto your computer, you simply send them straight to your preferred cloud storage. Right now, TechRepublic readers can get one year on the Premium Lite plan for just $39 — that’s 61% off the regular subscription price.

Platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox are really useful for storing important work documents, along with fun stuff like movies and photos. But the only files you can usually upload to these services are the ones on your device or external storage.

With TransferCloud, you can grab pretty much any online file and send it straight to your cloud storage account. It works with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive and Mega — along with good old FTP and DAV.

Another advantage of using TransferCloud is that you can escape any problems with bandwidth. You can download two files at a time on a single account, and queue up to five downloads. The only limitation is on file size, but you get a generous 10GB to play with.

You would normally expect to pay $100 a year for the Premium Lite subscription. Order today to grab it for the reduced price of $39, and save a massive 61% on TransferCloud access!

Prices and availability are subject to change.