Defending the smart grid from threats and attacks


In the same way the internet facilitates a flow of information and data between computers, the utilities’ smart grid system powers a web of interconnected devices that can sense, analyze, and communicate information through a widespread sensor network that supports a two-way communication system for constant monitoring of the grid status. This bilateral communication provides several advantages including the ability for grid operators to obtain real time information about operations to allow for automatic rerouting when equipment fails or outages occur.

Unfortunately, the number of attack sites grow with the number of devices connected to the network and even a single point security breach can affect the entire network resulting in power outages, energy theft, disruption of service, and environmental safety. So while the smart grid guarantees the reliable and manageable operation of electrical grids, today’s utility companies must secure their infrastructure to protect against cyber, geo-political and other risks associated with operations. Cisco is a leader in industrial networking. They can ensure that appropriate measures are in place to protect the flow of information and control signals to provide a better way to manage cyber-security risk and prevent such threats.

Cisco utility security solutions help grid operators implement plans that secure the smart grid through:

  • Network segmentation
  • Authentication
  • Operational visibility
  • Threat detection and mitigation

See how Cisco can help you mitigate risk introduced by the increasingly connected grid.

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