Dark Mist is one of the best card games you can find on Android right now


Card games can be really hit or miss on mobile. Some of them are excellent, others are nothing more than cheap cash grabs loaded down with in-app purchases and ads. There are, however, some true gems out there, and we can safely add Dark Mist to that list.

Dark Mist for Android is a roguelike deck builder that takes queues from the other titans of its genre while also adding in unique elements to keep the format from becoming stale. Rather than face off against one or two enemies at a time, you instead square up against entire ranks and fend them off in waves until you eventually take out their leader. 

It’s kind of like if you mixed Slay the Spire with Space Invaders and the final product is a ton of fun. Don’t be surprised if you see Dark Mist sneak its way onto our collection of best card games for Android.

A collection of three screenshots from Dark Mist featuring the Bugmaster class

(Image credit: Android Central)

Dark Mist starts you off with just one playable class (Berserker) and allows you to unlock seven more by completing runs with each new class you obtain. The classes each have their own unique approach to their win conditions, similar to how different commanders work in Magic the Gathering.