Cloud Metro: Reimagining Metro Networks for Sustainable Business Growth


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By Juniper

Juniper Cloud Metro solution enables sustainable business growth and is underpinned by improved service experience. Juniper purposefully entered this market to bring an experience-driven, cloud-connected world to reality.

Cloud Metro: A New Product Category for Sustainable Business Growth

Metro has become the “new edge” where 5G, edge cloud hosting, connectivity, and services converge and has huge growth potential. Metro traffic is estimated to grow 500% by 2027, but the current cost per bit is not sustainable, and network cannot scale efficiently. User expectations have increased, and security threats are on the rise. The skilled staff shortage is a real challenge. In addition, ITU standards require greenhouse emissions reduction to 45% by 2030. But can traditional “retro metro” sustain long-term business growth? We believe a new approach is needed to address these challenges. At Juniper, we call this approach “Cloud Metro”.

Cloud Metro is about applying cloud principles to architect, build, and operate metro networks. It is an experience-first network, and provides a quality service instead of mere packet transport, with automated and AI-aware operations at the forefront of new approach.

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Introducing Juniper’s Expanded Cloud Metro Solutions

Our Cloud Metro solution with enhanced capabilities includes:

  • Sustainable Operations with cloud-delivered automation that simplifies operations, frees up resources, and reduces time-to-service.
  • Sustainable Systems with energy-efficient designs achieve the right balance of performance, scale, and density, with ample capacity to grow and longevity.
  • Sustainable Architecture with a scalable IP services fabric that builds secure metro architecture for converged services and advanced network slicing.

Introducing Juniper's Expanded Cloud Metro Solution

Reimagining Metro Operations

Juniper Paragon™ Automation, an experience-driven portfolio automates network and services lifecycle. The AI-enabled, cloud-delivered Paragon Automation as a service, simplify operations, accelerates onboarding use cases, and service delivery to minutes, along with increased productivity and speed. The service providers can now bring differentiated services to market faster than competitors.

Learn more about how Juniper is reinventing metro network operations.

Reinventing Metro Networking Systems

The Juniper ACX7000 family innovative design delivers groundbreaking performance, density and scale. With Class D-verified timing, these systems support tomorrow’s low-latency requirements and ultra-dense 800G and 1.6T ports. Additionally, more space savings and energy innovations reduce power consumption by 61-77%—and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) up to 71%. With this headroom, Juniper systems will last 4-7 years longer than alternatives, thus protecting investment while reducing e-waste. Also, Juniper 400G ZR/ZR+ optics are industry standards compliant and reduce service provider costs with innovative design approach.

Learn more about the Juniper ACX7000 Family Portfolio.

Building Scalable, Assured and Secure Metro IP Services Fabric Architecture

The converged IP services fabric architecture supports end-to-end network slicing, with ability to support both scale-up and scale-out expansion. We are taking Cloud Metro architectures to next-level with embedded Active Assurance and built-in Zero Trust security.

  • The embedded Paragon Active Assurance proactively enables assured services experience, without advanced expertise or manual effort,  incident resolution times are cut in half— even most problems are fixed before affecting customers.
  • The built-in Zero Trust Security principles are applied throughout IP services fabric to safeguard data at rest and in motion across end-to-end network.

Together, these capabilities deliver scalable, assured next-generation metro edge services and network slices while achieving sustainable business outcomes.

Learn how Juniper can help build a scalable, assured and secure Cloud Metro architecture.

Reimagine the Metro, Reinvent Your Business

The landscape for new digital experiences is changing. To capitalize, service providers need a new, more sustainable approach to their metro networks. Our Cloud Metro solution provides service providers with a foundation to fuel sustainable business growth—for their people, planet, and their bottom line.


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