Boost Your Cobot Safety Know-How with These Digital Resources


Built with safety in mind 

UR’s patented adjustable cobot safety system allows users to reduce the risks involved with implementing industrial robot applications like machine tending, assembly, welding and palletizing. Adjusting a range of parameters, including limiting the force, speed, power or momentum of the robot, and restricting its workspace using axis limits and safety boundaries can improve collaborative robot safety. For example, the speed of Universal Robots’ cobots can be reduced while the employee is working beside it. This makes it easier for the person to avoid bumping into the machine and, if they happen to, reduces the force, energy transfer and ultimately, risk of harm.  

UR’s commitment to safety in manufacturing means achieving compliance with relevant safety standards. As a manufacturer, we do our utmost to inform our distributors and end-customers about our robots. As a result, UR leads the industry in disclosure of safety certifications and safety function details.