audio – Limitations of using system sounds for notification on ios


I have read the following regulations. but i doesnot understand clearly, so pls ask some question. thanks.

System-supplied alert sounds and system-supplied user-interface sound effects are not >available to your iOS application. For example, using the kSystemSoundID_UserPreferredAlert >constant as a parameter to the AudioServicesPlayAlertSound function will not play anything.

My question is: it allowed when i create a new sound based on system sounds
for example, i just want to have a 30 seconds length sounds, so i replay one of system sound and make new one, such new one can be useed in ios app?

  1. can i download some of system sounds from the third-part sites and be used in my ios app as custom sound.(or just copy some of system sounds from specified path of Iphone and use it? )