Announcing General Availability of Amazon Connect Cases


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In June 2022 AWS announced a preview of Amazon Connect Cases, a feature of Amazon Connect that simplifies these customer interactions and reduces the average handle times of issues.

Today I am excited to announce the general availability of Amazon Connect Cases. Cases, a feature of Amazon Connect, makes it easy for your contact center agents to create, collaborate on, and quickly resolve customer issues that require several customer conversations and follow-up tasks, and they can focus on solving the customer issue, no matter how simple or how complex. Agents have relevant case details (such as date and time opened, issue summary, or customer information) in a single unified view, and they can focus on solving the customer issue.

Getting started with Cases takes only a few clicks because it is built into Amazon Connect. With Cases, you automatically create cases or find existing cases, saving agents time searching and entering data manually. Cases accelerates resolution times, improves efficiency, and reduces errors to help increase customer satisfaction.

Best of all, Cases is part of the unified agent application that also includes the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel to handle contacts, Amazon Connect Customer Profiles to identify the customer and personalize the experience, Amazon Connect Wisdom to surface relevant knowledge articles, and Amazon Connect Tasks to automate, track, and monitor follow up items.

An Overview of Amazon Connect Cases

Litigation Practice Group is a provider of legal support for debt relief. Litigation’s Director of Business Intelligence, Alex Miles, spoke about how they have experienced Cases. He said:

“Amazon Connect not only addresses many of the technological limitations we were facing but brings with it a suite of modern solutions for all our business needs. One of those needs is case management to handle operating activities, including payments, document control, and legal cases. Amazon Connect Cases seamlessly integrates with our existing contact center workflows. Our agents and legal teams now have full performance visibility and spend less time on manual tasks, creating more time to find solutions to enhance the customer journey.”

Cases provides built-in case management capabilities, eliminating the need for contact centers to build custom solutions or integrate with third-party products to handle complex customer
issues. For every issue, Cases enables agents to view case history and activity all in one place, automatically capture case data from interactive voice response (IVR) or chats (via Amazon Lex), and track follow-up work with Tasks.

  1. View case history and activity all in one place – Agents view the details of the customer issue (including calls, tasks, and chats associated with the case) all in one place within the unified Amazon Connect agent application. The timeline view shows agents a case at a glance, removing the need for agents to go back and forth between applications.
    View case history and activity in one place

    View case history and activity in one place

  2. Automatically capture case data from interactive voice response (IVR) or chats – With this feature you can automatically create and update cases by using information gathered in a customer’s self-service IVR or chatbot interaction. When agent assistance is required, the contact will then be routed to an available agent with the relevant case attached, resulting in improved average handle time and first-contact resolution.
    Automatically capture case data from your IVR and chatbots

    Automatically capture case data from your IVR and chatbots

  3. Take action with task management – This feature is Cases working together with Amazon Connect Tasks to help you reduce resolution time and improve efficiency. Tasks, which tracks the work that must be done to resolve the customer’s issue, ensures that a case is captured and includes prior and pending actions needed to resolve the issue. This makes it easier for agents to create, prioritize, and monitor work assigned to other agents or teams. Here I’d also like to highlight how all this results in great collaboration between agents and ultimately, teams.
    Take action with task management

    Take action with task management

  4. Get started in a few clicks! Turn on Cases and configure permissions, fields, and templates, all within Amazon Connect. No third-party tools or integrations are required.
    Get Started

    Get Started

General Availability
Amazon Connect Cases is generally available in US East (N. Virginia), and US West (Oregon).

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