android – Is React-Native ever worth it for Larger Projects?


Twice now I’ve built apps that I intend to be at the very least a little scalable, and everytime I’ve used React its been beyond a headache. I spend almost as long as I do developing code as I do trying to properly fix all the little, broken, poorly-maintained react/expo packages. Using any piece of the phone’s hardware adds at least a day to getting an app published on either the App or Google Play Stores.

I’ll get all sorts of native permission errors, or something from React is deprecated and its using outdated syntax to compile in gradle, or the kotlin versions don’t agree with Expo packages, it’s always something, and its always in a file I did no work in myself.

It’s ridiculous, can someone talk me out of building two separate projects entirely for the same app (one for Android one for iOS) or is React-Native really that unusable when trying to deploy to an App Store?