AirPods Pro (First Gen) Users Get Adaptive Transparency


AirPods Pro

Adaptive Transparency, one of the new features included in the second-generation AirPods Pro, elevates Transparency Mode by minimising certain sounds while still enabling users to hear what’s crucially vital around them. But now that iOS 16.1 beta 3 has been out, users with the original AirPods Pro can also access this feature in the iOS Settings app.

New Adaptive Transparency For 1st Gen AirPods Pro

For those who are not familiar, the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max have a feature called Transparency Mode that allows users to hear their surroundings without taking off their headphones. To minimise the intensity of loud noises like sirens or power tools, according to Apple, Adaptive Transparency in AirPods Pro 2 uses the new H2 chip, which is not present in any other AirPods. However, for some reason, users who have updated their devices to iOS 16.1 beta 3 (released this week to developers) can now enable Adaptive Transparency for the old AirPods Pro.

According to a 9to5mac report, the most recent iOS beta also includes a new AirPods beta firmware (version 5A304a), which, as some users on Reddit pointed out, enables Adaptive Transparency for the original AirPods Pro. At this time, it’s not obvious whether the functionality genuinely functions or if it’s a mistake.

Adaptive Transparency may be accessible to owners of the original AirPods Pro since Apple has accidentally allowed settings in iOS that shouldn’t be available to everyone in the past. To determine whether the new option is truly effective, we’ll likely have to wait till more users test and contrast it. In the United States, the second-generation AirPods Pro costs $249, but you can purchase it (or the first-generation AirPods Pro) on Amazon for less money.

iOS 16.1 Beta Update

For more iPhone models, including the iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 mini, iOS 16.1 adds support for battery percentage. The battery indicator has been modified by Apple so that when the percentage is activated, a dynamic icon will appear. A Clean Energy Charging option, a Live Activities API, early support for the Matter protocol, and a deletion option for the Wallet app are all included in the update. Stage Manager for earlier iPad Pro devices with the A12X and A12Z CPUs is available for iPad users in the iPadOS 16.1 beta released today.