A 2022 Update on Interconnection Geography


I recently had the pleasure of not only attending the 2022 European Peering Forum, but also presenting my own update on interconnection geography.

Unsurprisingly, there was a lot to cover. A full 47 slides, to be exact.

Here are some highlights from my presentation.

Global International Bandwidth Developments

In this section, I covered new developments in submarine cable deployment, as well as international bandwidth growth, forecasts, and pricing.


European International Bandwidth Developments

Next, I shifted gears to focus on Europe. (It was the European Peering Forum, after all.)

I covered submarine cable landings, growth and trends of intra-European networks, as well as growth and trends of networks connecting to Europe.


A few fast facts when it comes to subregional capacity connected to Europe:

  • Total Africa-Europe connectivity has hovered around 80% for the past five years.
  • North Africa’s international connectivity is almost 100% to Europe, while Sub-Saharan Africa’s share of connectivity to Europe has dropped to about 60%.

European Pricing Trends

I also shared some graphs highlighting:

  • Weighted median prices for 10 Gbps wavelengths on key European routes
  • Weighted median 100 GigE IP transit prices in Europe
  • 10 GigE and 100 GigE IP transit prices across European markets


Quick View of IX, CDN, and Cloud Data Center Growth

In this section, I showed IX presence, CDN global distribution, CDN geography, and the cloud data center landscape.


Trends We’re Tracking

To conclude my presentation, I noted the trends we’re tracking as we look ahead at European growth.

For example, within Europe, we see new growth southward and eastward. And Europe continues to grow as a hub (in capacity, if not share).

Want to see more?
You can download my entire presentation right over here.

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