xcode – Flutter IOS Build Fails: Unable to read/load PODS


So the exact error is this:
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Unable to read contents of XCFileList '/Target Support Files/Pods-Runner/Pods-Runner-frameworks-Debug-output-files.xcfilelist'

Unable to load contents of file list: '/Target Support Files/Pods-Runner/Pods-Runner-frameworks-Debug-output-files.xcfilelist'

I’m trying to build my Flutter app for IOS, and am a total Mac amateur here.
I can’t reinstall pods, because I can’t install gems. I can’t install gems, because I can’t brew it. I can’t brew it, because I have to update brew. I can’t update brew, because I don’t have /usr/local/ root permissions, and I can’t set root permissions, because the command won’t work in my version of Catalina 10.15.7.

As you can tell, I am pulling my hair out, and I’m like 10 levels deep into just trying to get this app to build. I could really use some help, and an aspirin

Is there a way to get Xcode or Flutter to regenerate the POD xcfilelist files I need?

Thank you.