Why AR objects are trembling on vuforia`s 5*-markers?



We build the app for the jewelry store where AR object (the ring) is recognized when the ios app camera is pointed on the paper (and metal) marker we built in Vuforia. This is 5* marker (which is considered to be a good quality according to Vuforia) that we place on the finger.

So what we have – we have a pretty fast recognition, BUT we have unpleasant shaking of the ring, that is being recognized. The closer we point the camera to the marker – the more shaking is seen.

The paper maker has a normal cylinder form. The lighting is always enough while testing, etc

Any ideas on why this shaking appears?

Thanks in advance!

We were trying different markers, test in different conditions with different lighting, we played with camera settings, used different vuforia versions, etc – no luck