Whatsapp Feature that Should be there Already


Whatsapp updates arrive frequently. Given that Facebook has roughly 2 billion users and is the most popular chat app globally, it makes sense. This is why the chat company, which is owned by Meta, is continually updating and improving the program. Recently, the business unveiled a number of significant and eagerly anticipated additions to the app, including the option to silently leave group chats and conceal one’s online presence from others. Additionally, there are rumours that it is developing intriguing features like poll creation, message editing, and more.

While all of the features are currently being developed, WABetaInfo, a website that tracks WhatsApp updates, has posted a concept feature that suggests further capabilities that might be added to the app to enhance its usability. The website has created a brand-new idea function for WhatsApp that can assist us in better managing those unintentional calls that occasionally make us feel humiliated. We sincerely hope that this function joins WhatsApp soon, even though it is only a concept and not a real feature.

Whatsapp New Feature

WABetaInfo refers to the concept feature as a “call countdown” feature. The website has provided a screenshot that details the functionality of the feature. Currently, WhatsApp displays a confirmation alert, but it only appears during the initial WhatsApp call attempt. The Call Countdown Concept feature makes it easier to manage erroneous calls. This function is for those who frequently tap on the voice or video call by accident while speaking with someone else when their true aim is not to make a call. Three seconds prior to the call being placed, the call countdown feature will begin the countdown.

Additionally, according to WABetaInfo, this feature can irritate customers who would have really placed the call but now have to wait pointlessly for the countdown. There will also be another feature where there won’t be a countdown after the user makes a call and places the phone close to his ear. WhatsApp will recognise this with the use of a proximity sensor, at which point the call will be made right away.