WhatsApp Experience Can be Enhanced Using these 5 Android Apps


WhatsApp, one of the most popular communication tools, has more than a billion users. You can connect with people using the many useful features that WhatsApp has to offer. Additionally, some apps provide functions that WhatsApp does not yet support. Consequently, the top 5 Android apps for enhancing WhatsApp are listed below.

WhatsAuto Reply

Many people manage and market their businesses via WhatsApp. WhatsAuto Reply is a well-liked stand-in that can reply to new texts with a preset text that will let customers know you’ll be back soon if you don’t have time to respond right away. This will prevent customers from waiting for an eternity for a response.

WA Call Blocker

The only option to block calls on WhatsApp at the moment is to block the caller. However, that informs the user that they are blocked and blocks text communications as well. The solution is WA Call Blocker. You may still routinely use text messages because the programme only lets you restrict calls from some contacts or all contacts, depending on your preferences. Callers who try to reach you are immediately alerted that their call has been blocked, and you can keep track of their attempts through a log. This is true for both voice and video calls, and WhatsApp Business is also compatible with the app.

Status Saver

You never know when you’ll come across something useful that you want to remember for later. Without having to later sift through a sea of screenshots in quest of the desired status, Status Saver will assist you in doing that in the simplest manner possible.

Sticker Maker

On a daily basis, a huge number of individuals utilise stickers, and much more do so on holidays and other special events. But you’ll need an app like Sticker Maker if you want to add some extra special, humorous, or just personalised touches to your stickers. With the help of the software, users can turn any image into a sticker and compile a collection of them into a sticker pack for WhatsApp, complete with text and borders.


When you don’t want to deal with deleted messages any longer, WAMR is your go-to solution. When the app is up and running, you won’t ever need to ask a friend, coworker, or your boss what a deleted message was since the software will take the temporary notifications from deleted messages to log them for you. The app will require some initial setup.