What are my options to nicely format an AppleScript dialog?


I’ve done an Applescript script to get some additional information on a photo app.
This only presents info with an OK dialog.

What are my options if I want to format the output beyond AppleScript native capabilities (which are very poor) ?
For example, doing some text formatting, justification and choosing the color of the dialog window.

I understood I could use Xcode that for, but my understanding is that I would have to learn another language, and parse the output produced by AppleScript, which is rather tedious.
Would it still be reactive ? Say, only a couple seconds added to the time of execution.
And that is under the hypothesis I could invoke my original AS script in that environment.

Are this assumptions correct and could I have some more details ?

Also could I also use this environment to input information to an AppleScript?

Thanks for your answers.