Utilizing a Sport Boy Colour as an Air Conditioner Distant Management


It could be unfathomable to launch a brand new online game console with out community connectivity at this time. However in 1998, when Nintendo launched the Sport Boy Colour (GBC), Wi-Fi was nonetheless experimental cutting-edge expertise. It could have been extremely costly to incorporate, would have destroyed battery life, and would have made the GBC big. However Nintendo nonetheless needed to incorporate some {hardware} to allow communication between GBC consoles and JinGen Lim took benefit of that {hardware} to repurpose his GBC as a distant management for his air conditioner.

Lim obtained a phenomenal crimson GBC as a present and needed a objective for it past simply gaming. He determined he might use a brand new distant management for his mini-split air conditioner unit. Like most distant controls, that relied on infrared communication and Nintendo simply occurred to incorporate an infrared emitter and receiver on the GBC for communication.

Earlier than continuing, Lim first wanted to find out if this concept was potential. Nintendo designed the GBC’s IR emitter to switch small quantities of knowledge to different consoles, akin to when buying and selling Pokémon with a good friend, however might it modulate that emitter in any arbitrary sequence?

Lim discovered the proof he wanted within the Mission: Not possible (2000) sport for the GBC. Opinions for that sport weren’t nice, however it consists of a number of spying-adjacent utilities that gamers can use. A few of these, like a “secret” handle ebook, are just like what you’d discover on a PDA (Private Digital Assistant) from the period. However others are extra distinctive and that features IR applications. There’s even a operate for recording and taking part in again infrared sequences, identical to a common distant. Studying that was sufficient for Lim to confirm that his thought would work.

With that data, Lim proceeded with programming his personal customized “sport” and making a customized GBC cartridge for it. Authentic GBC cartridges virtually by no means had rewritable ROM chips, however fashionable bootleg often cartridges do. Lim was in a position to seize a type of bootleg cartridges for a couple of dollars and will then flash his personal ROM utilizing a GBxCart RW. The “sport” is an easy interface that transmits a selected infrared code, just like the one for “flip the temperature up,” when the consumer presses the corresponding GBC button.

The ultimate problem was studying the infrared codes. Lim’s air conditioner is a mannequin from Nationwide (a Panasonic model widespread in Asia for many years), however code data wasn’t accessible on-line. So, Lim soldered a small wire to the unique distant’s infrared transmitter and linked that to an oscilloscope. That allow him document the pulses despatched after every button press. He might then plug these codes into his customized GBC sport.

Now Lim has what is probably going the best air conditioner distant management on the planet.