Traits AI Startups Seek When Hiring New Employees



Are you launching a new AI startup? You will discover that there are a number of opportunities and challenges of creating a company that develops new AI algorithms to solve problems.

The demand for AI technology has surged in recent years. One analysis indicates that 90% of companies have made investments in AI and 37% actively deploy it. AI startups have a burgeoning market that they can serve.

Unfortunately, they also have challenges, such as choosing the right business model for their AI startup. One of the biggest issues that AI entrepreneurs must deal with is finding the right employees. Unfortunately, they find this is easier said than done.

In May, ZDNet author Owen Hughes talked about the shortage of skilled AI developers. Hughes points out that this has made it more difficult for tech companies to innovate effectively.

Of course, the skill shortage doesn’t just apply to AI developers. There is also a shortage of skilled marketers, financial professionals and other experts that AI startups depend on.

Despite the skill shortage, it is essential for AI companies to find the right employees to operate effectively. They will need to know what skills to look for when building a pool of talented employees to serve their business.

Seek Applicants with the Right Skills for Your AI Startup

As an entrepreneur striving to find employees for your AI startup, you will have to read many applications and find the most suitable candidates for certain positions. You can’t waste time overthinking and overanalyzing CVs and cover letters.

Here are some useful suggestions to understand what to focus on when scanning an applicant’s resume and message. Read more about what personal and technical skills you should be looking for in a candidate in the following guide that New Millennia helped create.

Personal Skills

Many AI entrepreneurs and founders of other tech companies make the mistake of putting all of their emphasis on technical skills. This is a huge mistake, because even technology companies need employees with soft skills as well. In fact, one expert points out that 85% of the success in the technology sector can be attributed to soft skills like good communication. AI companies are no exception.

Personal skills are soft skills that people either possess naturally or develop and improve over time. They refer to personal qualities that are transferable to any type of role. This skillset helps an individual to perform better at work. Read the following examples of such personal skills you should search for in an applicant to understand why they’re necessary. 


The AI sector has become very competitive. Entrepreneurs in this sphere need employees that are self-motivated and ambitious to help them succeed.

A motivated employee has an internal drive to perform well at work. These employees help save time and money, as they require less guidance. They have a greater level of independence regarding their duties and projects, which is highly productive and effective for the company. A self motivated employee will inspire their colleagues to do their best when it comes to their roles, as well. 


Communication is what helps to convey factual and complex information in a clear and concise manner. People that showcase a great level of skill regarding communicating with others can use many channels, like phone, email, and face-to-face talks, to send their message across. A good communicator is someone who understands how to listen actively. 


Flexibility is another key skill that means being able to adapt easily. Be it new duties, positions, or obstacles, a good employee should know how to adapt to various situations quickly. As a recruiter, you should always look for applicants that can respond to complex scenarios in an efficient manner. What’s more, a positive attitude helps showcase the candidate’s ability to adapt, so keep this aspect in mind when you’re interviewing somebody. 

Problem Solving

Problem solving refers to the ability to find solutions to any issues in quite a timely manner. Organizations need employees with problem solving skills to evaluate situations and come up with strategies in order to fix the issue. It’s important to find candidates that can see any situation in a complex way, from more than just one perspective, as well as think of the best tactics to handle the problem. 

Technical Skills Such as AI Programming

Developing AI technology requires decent programming skills. You obviously need to hire developers that understand the programming languages that help create AI applications. Python is one of the best languages for data science and AI, so it is a good idea to find Python programmers for your AI startup.

Technical skills are hard skills that people can only learn from experience. People can develop technical skills through courses, various forms of education, and actual work expertise. This skillset is typically particular to certain jobs and fields. Read examples of some key technical skills candidates should showcase in order for you to consider them for the role and get a better understanding of their importance. 

Industry Specific Skills

Below are a few examples of job specific skills you should look for when you read applicants’ CVs and cover letters, depending on the role you’re hiring for:

Data Analysis

As far as Data Analysis is concerned, potential employees should have an extensive knowledge of quantitative research, quantitative reporting, compiling statistics, statistical analysis, data mining, and big data.


The old adage that you can build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door doesn’t hold up. Even when you are developing stellar AI applications that blow your competitors out of the water, you need to have a sound marketing team by your side.

In the marketing industry, some key technical skills you should look for are expert knowledge of different social media platforms, a good understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), copywriting, and the ability to operate Content Management Systems (CMS). 

Graphic Design

Regarding Graphic Design, it’s essential for applicants to be familiar with branding, Adobe Suite software, user modelling, responsive design, print design, and typography. Graphic design skills are essential for many Internet-based AI startups, since they need to make sure that their interface is easy to navigate and aesthetically appealing.

Software Development

In the Software Development field, it’s important for candidates to know coding, algorithms, applications, design, security, testing, debugging, modelling, languages, and documentation. This is essential for AI startups.

Technical Support Skills 

People in charge of technical support are vital in every company, as they ensure the safety of computer systems, by being able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. These skills are also essential when configuring new hardware, performing regular updates, and assisting other employees in creating accounts, resetting passwords, and dealing with any difficulty regarding the online system. Technical support teams help restock equipment and maintain records of software licenses, as well. This is why anyone with this type of skill is a great asset to any organization. 

Project Management Skills

Being able to manage people, budgets, and resources in an efficient manner is one of the most important technical skills a candidate can have. Applicants with project management skills are always in high demand in different fields, such as construction and digital marketing, for example. A few key project management technical skills you should look for are project planning, task management, budget planning, risk management, and knowledge of project management software.

When working in-house, recruiters often have several other duties, aside from reviewing CVs, which requires a great deal of attention in itself. Such responsibilities cover various aspects, including the finances of the recruitment agency. For smaller recruitment agencies, there are outsourcing options available to save time and resources, so that recruiters can focus on reading applications properly.

Find the Right Skills for Employees When Growing Your AI Startup

AI companies need the right employees to thrive. You will have an easier time growing your startup if you follow these guidelines to hire the best talent.