The IT Roaming Reporters are now boarding for Cisco Live 2022 in Melbourne!


With an exciting line up of sessions on topics including “Transforming Security”, “Secure Agile Networks”, and “The Journey to Net Zero”, this year’s IT Leadership Program promises to be one of the best yet, and our 2022 Roaming Reporter Crew is here to give you an exclusive backstage pass to the great minds that are shaping the IT industry today. A dynamic team of professionals from across Cisco, we will combine our diverse skillsets to bring you key insights from Cisco leadership and share the unique experiences of attendees.

We can’t wait to see you all there. Keep an eye out for these faces!

Cisco Live Melbourne 2022 IT Roaming Reporters

2022 IT Roaming Reporters


Emma Roaming Reporter

Emma is a Data/Business Analyst who’s been working at Cisco almost 4 years across workforce experience, such as employee devices and now, in the heart of Cisco, our network.

Emma is looking forward to hearing about customers’ previous experiences with Cisco and how we can improve, as well as, attending breakouts to further understand our own tech landscape.




Hibah Roaming Reporter

Hibah is a technical undergraduate intern in a team that looks after the networking infrastructure and, primarily, deals with data cleansing and automating data discovery processes.

From Sydney, Australia, Hibah would like to learn about the innovation that takes place at Cisco and network with people from around the world to understand their outlook on the future of automation.




Vi Roaming Reporter

Vi is an SRE undergraduate intern who works hands on with network devices and controllers to secure access to the Cisco network from our offices all around the world.

From Sydney, Australia, Vi is excited to be attending her first Cisco Live, where she hopes to gain the deeper insight into the pillars in the IT industry and witness the latest in network security and automation.




Caitlin Roaming Reporter

Caitlin is a technical undergraduate intern who uses her data science and programming skills to help deliver innovative solutions to improve workforce and client experience alike.

She’s excited to explore the latest technology and trends emerging in world of Cisco IT and glimpse how they will shape the future of the industry.




Michael Roaming Reporter

Michael is the creative director for Cisco IT and the producer of the Roaming Reporter program. Fresh from his first Cisco Live experience in Las Vegas earlier this year, he’s excited to see the unique approach we bring to things down under!

Based in sunny Los Angeles, he’s been working remotely to help the reporters get ready for this amazing event.



Fasten your seatbelt and check your baggage is stowed in the overhead locker – Cisco Live Melbourne 2022 is about to take off!