Tata Play Secure+ Comes with Free Google Nest Mini and More


Tata Play Secure

Tata Play Secure+ is a smart home security service that includes battery-powered Google Nest Cam and Nest Aware for customers. It is a service that was announced by the company back in 2022, and it is supposed to help you keep your home/office safe. Tata Play is leveraging the Google Nest Cam, Google Home app and Nest Aware from Google to offer this security service to users. Tata Play Secure+ is a pretty expensive solution, but at the end of the day, paying for the security can help you save a lot of valuable items. Tata Play is offering the Tata Play Secure+ with a free Google Nest Mini right now.

Tata Play Secure+ Price

The price of the Tata Play Secure+ is Rs 9700. This includes a one-time activation fee and an installation fee for the Google Nest Cam. Along with this, the company offers customers a free Google Nest Mini worth Rs 4499 and a Google Nest Aware subscription worth Rs 299/month. Only the first month of Google Nest Aware is free for the users; after that, the standard charges would be applicable.

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What’s the Kind of Service that You Get with the Tata Play Secure+

Tata Play Secure+ offers customers intelligent alerts which help the users understand what’s happening at their home with alerts of important activity. The Google Nest Cam enables two-way communication where people can talk with and listen to others. Since the videos are recorded, users can also go back to the moments they missed out on.

You can get the camera installed either inside your home or outside your home. The product is built for all conditions and corners of the home. There’s also support for night vision, and the camera is capable of taking video in HDR. Tata Play has said that the camera would come with a warranty of one year. If the camera gets any issues within one year of the purchase, the company will replace it for you.

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What is Google Nest Aware?

Google Nest Aware is a subscription service which is offered in two variations. The company says depending on the variant of the plan you are going for; you can get features such as a longer event video history of up to 60 days. The solution also uses AI (artificial intelligence) to find familiar face detection. This would enable you to know what’s going on in your home. You can either get the Nest Aware with 30 days of event history or 60 days of event history.