Tata Play Fiber Chooses Juniper for Network Upgrades


Indian internet service provider Tata Play Fiber has engaged Juniper Networks, an expert in secured, AI-driven networks, to update its local network. Networks are constantly strained as a result of mobile work and bandwidth-intensive applications, including video conferencing, streaming video, and gaming, even though internet speeds in India are still rising. Therefore, Tata Play Fiber set out to increase the size and flexibility of its local networks.

Tata Play Fiber Intends to Use Juniper to Reach 400G Soon

Tata Play Fiber’s 400G deployment will be backed by Juniper’s ACX7100 Cloud Metro Routers, while the ACX710 will support the access layer. Utilising Juniper’s Cloud Metro technologies, Tata Play Fiber’s regional networks can now deliver content closer to users, substantially enhancing capacity and performance while streamlining service delivery to support profitable development at scale.

Additionally, Juniper’s Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) subscriber management tool makes it easier to supply bundled services like home security, entertainment content, and internet connectivity moreover, Tata Play Fiber and Juniper collaborated to enable Juniper to reach its objective of providing a tenfold boost in capacity immediately while aiming for 400G soon.

The Tata Play Fiber team can automate service delivery and offer speedy residential installation and troubleshooting by utilising the open programmability of a Juniper network. Jupiter claims that by doing this, millions of consumers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, and other significant Indian cities will have faster access to premium, extremely fast internet. Tata Play Fiber intends to boost customer happiness with an automated, sustainable, and scalable network as new service options develop, with India making success in its post-pandemic recovery plans amid the wider global shift toward hybrid work models.