swiftui – Swift 4 / iOS 16 Empty List Background Color


My app is built in SwiftUI and mostly works as is with iOS 16 apart from a couple of design quirks which I’m currently working on a fix for.

One of the quirks is the background colours of lists. Previously I have used Introspect to set the color of the background on the lists but as Lists have been reimplemented in iOS16 this no longer works.

I have solved this for iOS 16 devices by using the new scrollContentBackground modifier:

List() {
   some foreach logic here

This works as expected apart from one issue.

When the list is empty the background color is ignored, It shows a white or black background (Not even the grouped background colours) depending on the light or dark mode setting.

Has anybody else come across this issue (or am I doing something wrong?) and if so what solutions have you come up with?