swift – What are my options to convert OpenCV reduce to a native iOS code


Which native iOS framework is best used to eradicate this cpu hog written in OpenCV?

/// Reduce the channel elements of given Mat to a single channel
static func reduce(input: Mat) throws -> Mat {
    let output = Mat(rows: input.rows(), cols: input.cols(), type: CvType.CV_8UC1)
    for x in 0 ..< input.rows() {
        for y in 0 ..< input.cols() {
            let value = input.get(row: x, col: y)
            let dataValue = value.reduce(0, +)
            try output.put(row: x, col: y, data: [dataValue])
    return output

takes about 20+ seconds to do those gets and puts on real world data I put this code through.