swift – iOS 17.0, Sign up with Apple, Error Area=AKAuthenticationError Code=-7091 “(null)” and error 1000


In my app I’m Signing in with Apple which works simply effective.

  • Sign up with Apple capabilities added for each Debug and Launch.
    enter image description here
  • Please word that a few of these are additionally configured for CloudKit.

Signing in works simply effective.

Nonetheless, on the relaunch, once I wish to verify that login state, I execute this code

    personal func checkLoginStatus() {
        Job {
            do {
                let appleIDProvider = ASAuthorizationAppleIDProvider()
                let credentialState = strive await appleIDProvider.credentialState(forUserID: KeychainItem.currentUserIdentifier)
                if credentialState == .licensed {
                    withAnimation {
                        self.isLoggedIn = true
            } catch {

This code all the time throws:

Thread 5: Deadly error: The operation couldn’t be accomplished. (com.apple.AuthenticationServices.AuthorizationError error 1000.)

Briefly earlier than that nonetheless, I get:

Credential State request returned with error: Error Area=AKAuthenticationError Code=-7091 “(null)”

The answer is usually replicated from Juice Pattern App from Apple.
I ran out of concepts what’s unsuitable right here. Any assist can be appreciated.