SR/GNPs/Pn@SiO2 shape-stabilized phase change composites with low leakage rate and adjustable thermal energy storage: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures: Vol 0, No 0



The storage of latent heat using phase change materials (PCM) is an effective method of energy storage. In this study, silicone rubber (SR)/graphene nanoplates (GNPs)/paraffin@SiO2 phase change microcapsules (Pn@SiO2) shape-stabilized phase change materials (SSPCM) with high thermal conductivity, low leakage rate and tunable thermal management capability are prepared by method of add phase change microcapsules and thermal conductivity enhancer graphene nanoplates. The effects of Pn@SiO2 content on properties of the SR/GNPs/Pn@SiO2 (SGP) composites were investigated by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry. The results show that the enthalpy of phase change composites can be adjusted from 25.6 to 78.56 J·g−1 by changing the addition amount of Pn@SiO2 microcapsules. Moreover, the effect of GNPs on the thermal conductivity of SR matrix is greater than that of Pn@SiO2 on SR, as a consequence, the thermal conductivity of SGP composites decreases with the increase of Pn@SiO2. In addition, the thermal conductivity of SGP phase change composites can also reach 0.567 W·m−1K−1 after the addition of microcapsules, which dramatically shortens the response time of the material in the application. In summary, SGP composites have promising applications in the field of thermal storage.