Samsung Galaxy A11 Now Runs Android 12



The Galaxy A11 now runs Android 12, thanks to a rollout from Samsung. In 2020, the Snapdragon 450 chipset was introduced, and it powers the Galaxy A11. It was introduced with the Android 10 operating system and sports a 6.4-inch HD+ display. In 2021, an update to Android 11 was installed on the smartphone, and it is currently obtaining Android 12.

What Has the Galaxy A11 Android 12 (One UI Core 4.1) Upgrade Added?

As per a Gizmochina report, the August 2022 security patch for the Galaxy A11 is included in the Android 12 software. Samsung claims that the most recent security patch fixes a number of privacy and security flaws.

The One UI Core 4.1 upgrade, which sits on top of the Android 12 upgrade, brings a colour scheme and better widgets. The Galaxy A11’s Android 12 update brings enhancements to commonplace apps like the camera, gallery, and Samsung Keyboard.

Samsung Keyboard now offers clipboard protection, quick access to emojis and GIFs, and language suggestions powered by Grammarly. One UI Core 4.1 has improved the sharing menu. The sharing menu now allows you to prioritise what you want to see, navigate with ease, and even receive reminders to alter an image before sharing. A safety and emergency menu, resizable picture-in-picture mode, quick access to pop-up window options, an improved Edge Panel, and the ability to skip an alarm once are among the additional new features. Additionally enhanced is the search functionality in the Messages, My Files, and Settings applications.

While the new Dark Mode has several enhancements, the update now makes it possible to choose the audio output device from the lock screen. While other territories will eventually follow suit, customers of the Galaxy A11 in Southeast Asia are presently receiving the Android 12 update. If the Galaxy A11 receives another OS update after this one, when will it be? The fact that the system has already undergone two modifications is an outstanding feat.